Photographer's agreement for contributors

What supplier's rights do you concede to us?
For sale of your works to third parties through The Printhaven, the following provisions shall apply:
Whilst copyright remains with the photographer at all times, you shall grant us for the purpose of advertising and distribution of editions the following non-exclusive transferable exploitation right with respect to your works: the right of reproduction through print, and the right of public disclosure. The concession of rights shall apply with respect to all modes of use required by the purpose of this contract, in particular use on the internet including push and pull technology, mobile applications, print usage, digital offline usage on data carriers. The right of use shall include the right to copy and distribute the works either in whole or in part for the purpose of The Printhaven advertising and marketing in all print and electronic media, as well as to make works available to the public. This includes the possibility of editorial reporting on you, the works and us.

At our request, you shall supply us with a photograph of yourself, which we shall be entitled to use for all printing and online advertising purposes in connection with the relevant works. The photograph shall be supplied free of charge and must be free of third party rights. To the same end, and at our request, you shall supply us with a short biography and directory of collections and exhibitions in which you are or were represented which we shall be entitled to use either in full or in part and where necessary in abridged form. We reserve the right not to use this information at our discretion.

What happens where third parties assert rights on your work or where these infringe your rights?
You hereby affirm that you are the unrestricted owner of all rights conceded with this contract with respect to works and to any provided photographs. You shall guarantee that neither your works nor any provided photograph infringe third party rights, in particular rights of copyright or personality.

You shall indemnify us against all third party claims including appropriate costs of all necessary law suits or legal defence.

What remuneration will you receive?
You shall receive a sales fee as remuneration for every piece sold via this website, paid for and not returned. When a piece produced on the basis of digital images made available by you is sold via the portal, a remuneration fee (author remuneration) is made as follows: Standard print: £25.00, Large print: £35.00, X-large print: £45.00 (excluding VAT). The Printhaven may from time to time sell small prints at Private View events as a method of helping to pay for the event. The remuneration fee for these sales will be £10 (ex. VAT) per print.

How will you be paid?
You must complete a self billing agreement which allows us to produce invoices on your behalf for payment of remuneration fees. You will be required to provide us with details of a nominated bank account into which all monies due to you will be paid by BACS. Payments are made on or around the end of the month following the month in which the sale was made. This provides enough time for possible returns.