Frequently asked questions

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Is buying secure?

Yes it is. Our checkout page is protected by an SSL certificate which means the information on the page is securely encoded. Our payments provider WorldPay is a well respected company and uses industry standard security measures to protect your data. The Print Haven never sees your payment card details.

Are the prints archival?

Yes, all our prints are of archival quality and should last for at least 75 years if displayed correctly. Prints should not be subjected to direct sunlight or very strong light which will make them fade. This is something that also applies to traditional photographic prints.

Can I see the picture bigger?

Yes you can click the link named 'view large image' just under the caption to the left of the image. This will open a large image over the top of the website.

Do I have to register on the site to buy a print?

No we don't like any of that nonsense. You will need to enter your name and address so we know where to send your purchase.

How do I decide which image to buy?

Take the time to explore the collections and when you find an image you like, add it to your favourites. You can then view your favourites and decide which image is the right one for you. Or if you can't decide, you can buy them all! You can email your list of favourites to yourself or to a friend to return to later.

Why buy an original photographic print?

Buying a print from us helps to support the work of the photographer so they can continue producing great images, and you benefit from the ownership of a beautiful and unusual object which will be admired for many years.

Which photographers do you represent?

The Print Haven is a democracy. That means that we judge the photograph, not the fame or otherwise of the photographer. Buy your print because you love the image, and if the photographer turns out to be collectable, then you win twice!

Why do the images have the Print Haven written on them?

This is a digital watermark to protect our images from theft.
Don't worry, it will not appear on your print!

What is fine art photography?

We believe that an image should stand on its own inherent aesthetic qualities and display at least a modicum of technical competence. This is in sharp contrast to what many galleries and educational establishments regard as fine art photography, where the 'story' behind the image is more important than the content which often means that a long essay is required next to the photograph to explain the meaning behind it.
We welcome your feedback and comments on this emotive subject!